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On November 2nd, this Tampa Area literature festival was held on the Lee Academy campus.  Created by the Artists and Writers Group, Deep Carnivale featured  published authors, poets, scriptwriters, and artists from the area sharing and discussing their work with the audience, including conversations about writing, storytelling and related topics.  Campus venues will included Lee […]

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Our News & Events

In preparation for their science trip to the Florida Keys, students participated in a beach clean-up on.  The clean-up helped to address two key topics that the students have been learning about; coastal ecosystems and human impact on the environment.  After spending the afternoon cleaning, it was clear to students how important it is to not only take care of waste properly, but how to decrease the amount produced in general.  They discussed the realities of decomposition and the negative consequences that waste has on marine life.  This experience, along with the trip to the Keys, will increase student awareness of Florida’s unique ecological needs.  More importantly, they are learning that they can be advocates for their community and environment.

From November 18th-22nd, LS F, LS G, US A & US B students will explore the marine biology, diversity and natural beauty of the Florida Keys. Students will work hard before the trip to be fully prepared, then will be rewarded by being able to observe mangroves, lobsters, fish, birds, coral, and even the elusive key deer.  The trip will include an interactive stay at Mote Marine’s Summerland Key Research Center where they will study marine life and snorkel on the nearby reefs.  The trip will also include a visit to the unique community of Key West, with its historic and cultural attractions. After fully resting from this trip, students will apply their newfound knowledge in their classes to address various environmental concerns of the Keys.