Upper School

The Lee Academy Upper School is an accelerated and advanced program for college bound students of outstanding academic and/or artistic ability. Small class size and teachers with subject area degrees contribute to the successful completion of a rigorous college preparatory program. Classes are taught on the honors level involving frequent discussion, extensive reading, analytic writing, scientific methodology and in-depth exploration as appropriate to the subject area. Advanced honors courses are offered to juniors and seniors based upon availability and faculty approval.

Senior Capstone Project

All graduates must complete a Capstone Project during their final year of high school. This assignment spans both semesters and involves students selecting a project that will culminate in a research paper and a final product. Students keep a portfolio of their work and findings throughout the process, reviewing their progress with a faculty adviser and a mentor within their field of study. At the end of the project, students present their findings to fellow students, parents and the faculty.  The project is designed to encourage students to think critically, problem-solve, plan, set goals, meet deadlines and work on research and presentation skills. These attributes will be invaluable to students as they enter the world of higher education and the world of work.

Dual Enrollment

Lee Academy participates in a dual enrollment program with local universities and colleges. Juniors and seniors are encouraged to explore areas of personal interest in a college setting. In the past several years, Lee students have successfully completed courses such as Calculus, II, and III, Anatomy and Physiology, Chemistry Lab, Bio Systems, Punic Wars, Art History, Physics, and Chemistry. Successfully completed courses are awarded advanced honors status.

Minimum Requirements for Graduation

1 credit = 1 year

English- 4 credits
Senior Thesis- 1 credit
In-Depth Study Research – 3 credits
Mathematics -4 credits or through Pre Calc.
Social Sciences- 3.5 credits
Science- 4 credits
Latin- 4 credits
French/Spanish/German – minimum of 3 credits
Fine Arts/Electives- 8 credits
Physical Education- 1 credit
Community Service- 100 hours

Adjustments in requirements are made for students entering beyond the freshman year and for special circumstances at the discretion of the faculty. Students are expected to carry a minimum of 6 major courses per year.

Upper School Course Offerings

All offerings are Honors or Advanced Honors Courses
(*Denotes 1/2 credit)

Literature and Composition, Language and Composition, English I, II, III, IV,  Senior Thesis,  Public Speaking, Film Studies, Creative Arts, Writing for Publication, Yearbook, In-Depth Study Research*

Algebra I, II,  Geometry,  Pre-Calculus

Social Sciences
Modern European History
World History,  American History, US Government* Humanities* Economics*
World Religions* Current Events*
Ancient History

Biology, Anatomy & Physiology,  Chemistry,  Marine Science,  Physics,  Physical Science, Developmental Psychology

Foreign Language
Latin I, II, III, IV French I, II, III, IV German I, II, III, IV, Spanish I, II, III, IV, Japanese

Fine Arts
Art I, II

Computer Science
Computer Literacy* Business Applications*

Not all courses are offered every year.

Community Involvement

Students are required to complete 100 hours of documented community service, and volunteer their time and talents in a variety of ways. Some of the settings where Lee students have made a difference include museums, public schools, nursing homes, hospitals, libraries, and animal shelters.

College and University Acceptance

Agnes Scott, American Conservatory Theater, American University, Art Institute of Tampa, Auburn, Bard, Bard College Berlin (Germany), Boston University, Brown, Case Western Reserve, Clemson, College of William and Mary, Columbia, Cornell, Eckerd, Elon, Embry-Riddle, Emory, Eugene Lang, Florida State, George Mason, George Washington, Georgetown, Georgia Tech, Guilford, Harvard, Hillsdale, Marquette, New College, Maryland Institute College of Art, Northwestern, Oxford (England), Pomona, Pont Even School of Contemporary Art (France), Queens University (NC), Rabat International University (Morocco), Rennes Business School (France), Ringling School of Art & Design, Rollins, Rutgers, Sarah Lawrence, St. Leo, Stetson University School of Law, Taylor, Tufts, Tulane, University of Chicago, University of Evansville, University of Florida, UNC Chapel Hill, University of South Florida, University of Nebraska, University of Tampa, Vassar, Virginia Tech, Wilkes and Wooster.