Our Program

Although our responsive learning environment may have a different format for each group of learners; there are seven basic characteristics of our program whether Early Childhood, Lower School or Upper School:

  • There is an open, respectful and cooperative relationship among the teachers, students and parents; a relationship that can include planning, implementation and evaluation of the learning experience.
  • The environment is much like a laboratory or workshop, rich in materials with simultaneous access to many learning activities. The emphasis is on experimentation and involvement.
  • The curriculum is flexible and integrative. The needs and interests of the student provide a base from which the curriculum is developed.
  • The student is an active participant in the learning process. Movement, decision-making, self-directed learning, invention and inquiry are encouraged both inside and outside the classroom. Students may work alone, with a partner, or in groups. Peer teaching is important.
  • Assessment, contracting and evaluation are all used as tools to aid in the growth of the student. Conferences keep students and parents informed of progress and provide guidance for future planning.
  • The atmosphere is one of trust, acceptance and respect.