The Lee Academy Experience

“You have given him the inspiration to use his imagination, opportunity to be a responsible leader and freedom to express his opinions. You’ve passed to him the knowledge he will need in college and in his future.”

“We cannot express the blessing of feeling completely at eace with where our son attends school. We have known with absolute confidence since his 3-day visit, that this school would be a family-like environment. A year later we feel that the teachers ARE family.”

“Your footprints in his life include knowledge from many disciplines, but mostly he will recall how you believed in him, appreciated him, taught him the virtues of responsibility, and the love of learning and critical thinking He will always remember each of you for unique reasons for the rest of his life.”

“Thank you for letting the door open for creativity, imagination and deep thinking. You as teachers are the most helpful and thoughtful. Enjoy your summer days, I can’t wait to share our new experiences in the fall.”

“Thank you for Lee Academy. You have given our daughter a love of learning so deep and strong. It will never fail her. you have allowed her mind to go beyond class material to question and critically examine ideas others take at face value. You have given her thoughts a voice and convinced her that she can make a difference.”

“Many schools have mission statements claiming to take an individualized approach to education, honoring the individual’s unique personality, interests and approach to learning. I found these to be empty promotional promises until coming to Lee.”

“We had a choice of where to educate our son and we chose you. Although they’re amazing things, we don’t choose the innovative curriculum, the beautiful setting, the small class size, the true- to- form open door policy, the fun special events and field trips or the outstanding academics and electives. We do choose teachers that impart a passion for their subject matter combined with a love of teaching.”

“The teachers at Lee Academy gave our daughter a precious gift. They taught her to think, and that is a greater gift than learning to study.”

“Thank you for giving a lift as they reach their goals. Thank you for moving the clouds to help them soar. Thank you for cheering them on when they feel they can’t go on. Thank you for all you do … THANK YOU!”

“I began at Lee when I was six years old and will graduate at 15. What I like most about Lee is the relationships I have built with my teachers and fellow classmates over the years. When I go to school, I’m not afraid to be myself and I’m not afraid to voice my opinions in class. While Lee is giving me  a first class education, it is also preparing me for the rest of my life.”

“Thank you for a fabulous year at Lee Academy! Our daughter’s success is due in part to your expertise and ability to make education fun. You have shown her that learning is enjoyable.”

“While most view teachers as someone always over your shoulder, I feel as though they have their hand on mine.”

“Lee has encouraged both my girls to strive for the best they can do and has encouraged me as a parent to do the same for them. A small school such as Lee allows both the educators and the parents the time and energy to help mold children into the adult of their full potential. Both our girls have matured more than their friends that attended other schools, as they have had the academic expectations of self -achievement instilled into them at Lee.”

“The benefits of smaller classes and more individualized attention are obvious, but equally important to me were the teachers. In most subjects I had the same teachers for five years. I do not think it is any accident that those subjects became some of my favorites.”

“As we became familiar with the atmosphere at Lee, we discovered that it allowed for giftedness to flourish, rather than to be suppressed or circumvented.”

“At Lee where staff actively attend and present at conferences on giftedness, and is accustomed to children within this group, our son was always treated evenly and peer pressure was mostly removed.”

“From an academic outlook, Lee has pushed me towards my goals more than any other influence in my life , but did so in a way where I barely noticed.”

“I can’t recall a school year where there weren’t always field trips and activities, something to catch the attention of our wandering minds.”

“I love the group dynamics program and think it is so important. There was always someone she could talk to if she needed, and that’s so important.”

“My child is a senior this year, dual enrolled at the Honors College at USF. I watched her blossom under the guidance of Lee Academy. Parents of gifted kids understand how easily our kids get bored because a standard, non-gifted specific curriculum is not built to showcase their inquisitiveness, their intelligence, their individuality – that incredible uniqueness. Our gifted kids need a school that understands and nurtures these special talents and abilities as well as helps them with their deficits. Lee Academy challenges our children and teaches them to be self-motivated, a skill desperately needed in college and in life in general. I highly recommend Lee Academy, its teachers and staff for anyone seeking a school that welcomes parental involvement and will feel like a second family to both you and your child.”

“We are thrilled with the education that our boys are receiving at Lee Academy, and are grateful that another print suggested we visit the school a few years ago. Lee Academy is indeed one of the best kept secrets in the Tampa Bay area and is rightfully considered one of the best private schools in Hillsborough County. Our boys were bored and disinterested in school and now they are thriving. What more is there to say.?”

“There is nothing like this school anywhere in the Tampa Bay area. Instead of being bored in public school, this is where extremely bright children are FINALLY taught to their abilities. My daughter began this year and is thriving in an environment that both encourages and challenges kids to think outside the box. The school looks like a lakeside summer camp. It is beautiful. And the teachers are there because they actually like teaching. This was the best decision I’ve made.”

“Lee is a cool school. It encourages thinking out of the box, creativity and individuality.”

“I discovered Lee during my child’s first year of high school. The teachers cared about her performance and kept her challenged. As a parent, I didn’t have to worry about bullying, drugs, and all the other dangers of public school. She graduated this year with Bright Futures and other scholarships to college. I can’t thank the school enough for the opportunities given to her.”

“We enrolled our son two years ago and are very happy with our decision This school is made up of caring and creative teachers and staff who understand the process. Art, music, physical education and individual growth are on an equal plane with reading, math and science.”

“Small class sizes, enlightened teachers. Lee creates a supportive environment for kids who love to learn.”

“Our whole family loves this school. We can’t speak highly enough of the experience.”

“This is where my son was educated. He took college level Science courses at USF at age 14, and graduated in 1995 at age 15, with a full college scholarship.”

“Lee Academy offers superlative education with individualized attention, where every student is accelerated to his own pace.”

“Lee unconditionally supports each student’s academic and career goals.”