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Faculty List

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Linda Lacey - Founder

A graduate of Slippery Rock University, with Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in Education, Linda founded Lee Academy in 1983. She has made numerous presentations on gifted education at national and international conferences. Linda is a member of the World Council for Gifted and Talented Children, the Florida Association for the Gifted,
and the National Association for Gifted Children. She is presently studying nutritional health and fitness as it relates to enhanced cognitive, emotional and physical growth and development in children.

Jennifer Deitz - Director

Jen holds a Bachelor’s Degree in German and French, a Postgraduate Diploma in Education, a Postgraduate Diploma in the Law of Educational Management, and a Master’s in Education, specializing in Curriculum Design and Assessment, all from the University of Leeds in England. Jen has taught in both England and Germany and has many years of experience in a variety of subject areas, including languages,
math and information technology. She is responsible for all aspects of the program and is the focal point of communication for parents, faculty and the world outside Lee. Along with the Upper, Middle and Lower School Coordinators, Jen is responsible for curricula. She is also our go-to person to keep computer systems up and running on a daily basis.

David Deitz - Upper School Coordinator and Foreign Languages

David holds a Bachelor of Arts Degree in languages and a post graduate diploma in education from the University of Leeds in England. He taught high school in France, Germany and England for many years. In addition to being Upper School Coordinator, David directs our Latin, French and German programs. He takes the active participation approach to foreign language learning, encouraging students to converse in the language as much as possible. David also works
with our Upper School students on career and college planning. He liaises closely with USF and area colleges with regard to our Upper School Dual Enrollment program. David is experienced in leading student trips abroad.

Jeff Floyd - Middle School Coordinator, Robotics, Physical Education and Lower School Math

Jeff received his Bachelor’s degree from Manchester College and has strong experience individualizing curriculum and preparing individual education plans. His teaching style is very hands-on and visual, encouraging students to be active during experiments, field trips, projects and class discussions. In Jeff’s physical education classes,
he emphasizes teamwork and fair play. Jeff and Lou Ann work together on Middle and Lower School responsibilities, including working with students and parents.

Lou Ann Willis-Fraser - Lower School Coordinator, Guidance Counselor, Language Arts & Group Dynamics Teacher

Lou Ann has a Bachelor’s degree in Early Childhood and Elementary Education and a Master’s degree in Guidance, all from the University of South Florida. She also obtained a gifted endorsement from the State of Florida Department of Education. As Lower School Coordinator, Lou Ann helps students, parents and teachers work together effectively and successfully. She also teaches primary language arts and has compiled a curriculum that strongly addresses the needs of gifted learners. The group dynamics classes that Lou Ann designed teach many critical skills in the affective domain. Some of her goals for the guidance program are to support students in conflict resolutions,
relationship-building and generating respect for themselves as well as others.

Caroline Karp - Early Childhood

Caroline earned a BA from Florida State University, a Master of Arts in Elementary
Education Curriculum and Instruction from the University of Colorado and completed
the Educational Research Foundation’s “Trainer of Teachers” program. An accomplished artist, Caroline has provided art and music instruction to young children
for over 20 years. Caroline is excited to build a hands-on active learning classroom
community with the Early Childhood students again in the fall. Artwork from
her class receives high acclaim.

John Hendrix - English, Literature and Theater

John holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Education from Jacksonville State University, with majors in English and Music. He has extensive experience in working with high ability students. During his teaching tenure, John has been chairman of English, Humanities and Drama departments at private schools in Georgia and Florida. John is constantly augmenting curriculum in ways that enhance educational skills, keeping classes interesting and relevant. John successfully produces a school play each year.

Karen Pullom - Upper School Mathematics

Karen earned a Master’s degree in Instruction & Curriculum from California State University and holds teaching credentials in Mathematics and Physical Education. She has many years of experience teaching math at high school and middle school
levels in California. Karen teaches critical thinking and problem solving through mathematics and incorporates real world experiences, art and kinesthetic opportunities in her classes. She has also served as a health instructor, coach and athletic director.

Sharon Mejia - Upper and Middle School Science

Sharon earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Zoology from Ohio State and a Master’s degree in Secondary Science from the University of South Florida. She has significant applied experience, having worked in several distinguished programs, including the Birch Aquarium (San Diego), the Naturalist Outdoor School and the Center of Science
and Industry (Columbus, Ohio). Sharon also designed and taught science curriculum units for gifted students in the Johns Hopkins talent identification program. Her hands-on approach has engaged Lee students, with numerous field trips and on-campus environmentally-sound projects, including the creation and expansion of a student-run organic campus garden. Each year, Sharon leads a major biologic research field trip, ranging from the Everglades to Death Valley, California.

Krista Bader - Lower School Science, Social Studies & Language Arts

Krista graduated with a Bachelor of Science degree in Education from the State
University of New York at Brockport. She has taught in both public and private
schools, was an English instructor in Taiwan and South Korea and served as director
at a private school in Tampa. Her philosophy: when students feel safe and
heard, when questions and ideas are not only accepted, but encouraged, they become
free to reach their potential. She looks forward to extending lessons beyond
the classroom by taking advantage of the many enrichment opportunities Tampa
Bay has to offer.

Anne Jewett-Gold - Social Studies

Anne holds a Master’s degree from Iona College and earned her Bachelor’s from
the State University of New York at Oswego. She has over 15 years of teaching
experience and holds Florida DOE certification for secondary social studies. Immediately prior to joining Lee Academy, she taught history, social studies, civics
and entrepreneurship at St. John’s Episcopal Day School. Prior to relocating to
Tampa, Anne worked at Manhattanville College, serving as Communications Director
and Chief of Staff to the college president, as well as adjunct professor.
She incorporates many field trips into her program and will be taking her students
to Washington D.C. in the Spring.

Amalia Hughes - Spanish

Amalia was born in San Jose, Costa Rica and earned a Bachelor of Arts degree
(cum laude) in Spanish from the University of South Florida. An accomplished guitarist, Amalia uses songs to teach vocabulary and structure. She takes the communicative approach to the teaching of Spanish, particularly in the early stages. The culture of countries where Spanish is spoken is also an important part of the students’ education and Amalia is able to draw on her personal experiences, as well
as an extensive collection of items to make language acquisition lively and effective.
Amalia has led cultural field trips to Costa Rica.

David Audet - Art

David holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Fine Arts (filmmaking/photography) from the University of South Florida. A founding member of Tampa’s Artists and Writers Group, David has produced, created, and/or directed numerous festivals/plays/art shows for his group, plus a decade of producing film/music/literature/art festivals for Hillsborough Community Collage-Ybor. David is the creator/director of the upcoming Deep Carnivale: A Celebration of Words to be held at Lee Academy.

Joshua Rayman - Physical Education

An associate professor of philosophy at USF with a Ph.D in Philosophy, Joshua offered to become the track and cross-country coach at Lee Academy. He has an extensive background in track, having competed for Williams College and ran in numerous long-distance races.

Lisa Ortiz - Health & Life Skills

Lisa received a Bachelor of Science in Nursing from the University of South Florida and has been licensed as a registered nurse in the State of Florida for 19 years. She has Master’s level training in physical assessment, child development and epidemiology.  Lisa has a heart for her students and her classes reflect this through discussion-based, developmentally-appropriate and student-driven design.

Sherry Jones - Yearbook

Prior to joining Lee Academy, Sherry worked as a teacher in the Hillsborough County Public School system, while becoming proficient in a number of cutting edge computer graphics programs. She also is an experienced photographer and a member of the National Association of Photoshop professionals. Sherry assists Jennifer Deitz in the preparation of the annual yearbook.

Danielle Fellerhof - Chess

Danielle holds a Bachelor’s degree in Early Childhood Education with a minor in Theater from USF. A former Lower School and Early Childhood teacher at Lee Academy, Danielle rejoined us to mentor our Chess Club, which has grown in size and accomplishment, with great success in local and regional chess competitions.