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Ybor City Art Show Sculpture

Lee Academy students completed individual art works for Art Instructor David Audet’s collaborative sculpture that was included in the “Ybor’s Perpetual Expression II” invitational art show.  It was displayed from January 11th through February 7th in Hillsborough Community College’s Art Gallery across from the Cuban Club.  The Gallery kindly agreed to a special opening and […]

Performance Arts Class for Lower School

We have added a Performance Arts Class for Lower School students this year. Danielle Fellerhof and Anne Scott Vela are experienced in introducing children to the joys of performance arts and eliciting theatrical, music and dance skills from our younger students.  The class is held the last period each Wednesday (2:00 PM – 2:45 PM).

Lee Academy Chess Club Meets Each Wednesday

The Lee Academy Chess Club meets each Wednesday (2:45 PM to 4:00 PM). Under the tutelage of Danielle Fellerhof, the Chess Club will provide students with an enjoyable way to improve their skills in concentration, critical thinking, logic, visualization and sportsmanship.  Open to all ages, please show up if interested.  

Amanda Leaders (’01)

Amanda Leaders (’01) graduated with honors from USF with a BA in English and is finishing her Master’s degree in Medical Science from the College of Medicine at USF.

Philip Dudley (‘00)

Philip Dudley (‘00) has a Bachelor’s Degree in Economics from George Mason, works as a Compliance Analyst and is active in South Carolina politics.

Claire Winters (’92)

Claire Winters (’92) graduated from the American Conservatory Theater and has played numerous roles on stage and screen in New York and Hollywood.  When Claire is not playing people, she likes to write about them, with essays in Elle.com, The Liberty Project and Human Parts. Claire also profiles interesting women for Investor’s Business Daily’s Leaders […]

Back-To-School, August 17th

We look forward to welcoming all our 2017-2018 students back to school on Thursday, August 17th, 8:30AM – 2:45PM. Friday August 18th will also be a full school day. See you all soon!